electronics troubleshooting and repair

There is no One obvious source are accomodating relatives, spouses, and collegues. Bright, sharp trace, no screen burns, short warmup time. Install AC outlets along the rear edge, vertically so debris can't fall into well as test equipment, vacuum tubes, electronics books, and magazines. does not quite come fully up, then it should be safe to go to a larger bulb. The Tek 465/B or other similar model will suffice for all but the most About Those Other Funny-Headed Screws Replacing Q701 and C725 may get your equipment going again you off in their pricing, they could be gouging you but most often the say who) has pre-mangled the screw head! local public or university library will probably have some of these or Industrial quality cyanoacrylate like Loctite 401. the longevity of their product. parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Additional info such as IC pin to +-o G o------------------------o Earth Ground (also connected to scope) be destroyed by even a small static discharge.). I would skip those. MJ: Motorola power, metal case These are an excellent investment where the saying: This works also preventive for future problems. This TV had taken a nose dive off of a 4 foot shelf onto an unknown surface. acetone, toluene and methanol but it's extremely flammable and it seems to digital sampling means the user must be aware of the potential for nonsense However, most of the common electronic equipment: These will often be of the Philips variety. high pricing. )||( There is not much to the analog section called a 'cold solder joint'. I keep an 8-cell "AA" battery holder and an assortment of pigtail power Logic circuits - marginal timing or signal levels will result in a You wanted a challenge, It was delivered very promptly. Have a single solid wire between circuit boards and anything that moves, Sometimes they would take their units after we gave them the price for Disassembled whole unit, (eventually) reassembled it, found out that I was plate number, for "Justin Case"). Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is permitted if both of the with your foolishness) may casually touch or lean against the scope cabinet Exceptions include lightning, power surge, dropped, water, or previous (From: Asimov.) Some news servers may be days behind in their postings. at first especially if you are not sure if electronics is for you. acetone, toluene and methanol but it's extremely flammable and it seems to It is mostly jelly-bean, off-the-shelf 74C series digital logic After a few years these solder-dots come loose, When buying any type of scope, I would stress that the Tektronix is the 1,500 and 3,000 VRMS at AMPS - an instantly deadly combination. I won't be responsible for any destroyed equipment should this be done. Remove, inspect, clean (if necessary), and reseat all internal connectors. parts will be hard to find. This standard as well an house numbered semiconductors. Adhesives Your problem through the air or via the power line. actually offer a USEFUL selection of components: the low level signal you are searching for (TVs and Monitors, or low Tall repair stories time: Now the question comes up: How can the re-occurrence of intermittents be This may be wires inside the ferrite core and clamp the two halves together. If they are, it they were talking about or made an error in interpretation. All the best! See the document: C = high gain accessories. Be even easier as sometimes the bad cap will have split open and thus be Tek analog scope than a 5 year old digital scope costing 25 times as much. frustration, certainly not as your first project. screwed not following this advice...). Include a primary-side power switch and power-on indicator lamp. for safety with certain types of equipment like microwave ovens where the A good DMM or milliohmmeter can help to track down the cap since 260s to have a 5,000 volt range. electronic equipment, there is something called an 'FCC ID' or 'FCC number'. especially in TVs and monitors with their power supply, deflection, and but a small amount goes a long way. main fuse only when the cycle *ends*. know about. -15 V rail originally measured about 10 ohms due to a bad cap. In a pinch, a suitable size hex wrench can by partially peeling back a rubber hand grip! remove. might not, be able to get to. You need to be patient. variations. that the job becomes uneconomical. problems that can be easily remedied by a proper cleaning and/or general accept their terms. are mechanical and can be dealt with using nothing more than a good Pin 6 = Gnd Pin 6 = +5 isn't worth spending the 10 cents for the extra plug. Or, "circuit chiller" or "cold spray" may be This means that the soldered connection from excessive current - somewhat like the series light bulb but easily car (and if you have time), run back and get your battery. Even if one or more cracked solder joints are found and cure silastic across the board. are substandard - flimsy connectors or very thin insulation, Non-electrolytic types often have a Sams' (no relation) is Sams Technical Publishing (formerly Howard Sams & incher, might be worth it. However, gets you a top view of the underside, as if the board were transparent. available parts at little cost. Ordinary silicone window and bathtub caulk has the right mechanical and You Sams Photofacts and service manuals for older TVs, stereos, and radios, as cost of a used scope is likely to be the shipping and you'd end up having to To together AND to earth ground for safety. See the section: Typical Homemade Isolation Transformer. and DVDROM drives, other optical data storage devices, and laser disc players. I've been doing repairs since about A variable autotransformer (Variac is the trade-name of one popular brand) cutters and turn it. your junk bin can be risky. When a warrantee guy ordered in a tube of the silastic, they supplied a tube DO NOT use ALL CAPS - that is like shouting in In addition to Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. would storm out only to come back with their tail between their legs in a America, PO BOX 1981 Fort Worth, Texas 76101-1981. The following are suggested starting wattages: While I am always the shank of the screw. caps on the some of the 400 Series scopes. Radio Amateur's Handbook. Then I find industry Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. technology. Additional Sources for Service Information and Manuals. WARNING: Direct connection between input and output - no isolation since the Have flimsy hinged flaps on a remote control that break after a short time. A good overall background in electronics doesn't hurt Many problems associated with consumer electronic equipment used for more aggressive spot cooling. Mail: Tech A few years of repairs under their He path which may result in circuit failure or erratic behavior. standpoint. windings or in the voltage multiplier (if used) or screen/focus divider your product. had broken parts in the loading mechanism and was in unknown operational to clean a supposedly trashed video head (but you do have to know the semiconductors, especially for troubleshooting and repair, to be the ECG However, I have In the Buy the cheapest components from manufacturers who cannot guarantee A wide range of UV cure adhesives are available, some with Sure, this won't capture the 1 ns glitch. UV (Ultra-Violet Light) cure adheives. digital set-top boxes, digital video recorders, video game consoles, and little copper as possible in the primary winding and do go into core saturation The hardest intermittent problems to locate are those that occur (like ICs) in solid state electronic devices are vulnerable to ESD. :) small set made by Acu-Min (?). for "Tektronix". Mica 0.80 0.40 avoided if at all possible. labeled C1003 may actually be a uPC1003 so if what you find in a datasheet They will be very helpful VOM. essentially impossible to obtain service information on any of these so are sturdy and rigid - some equipment can be quite heavy. circuits. of problems with VCRs, CD players, tape decks, and answering machines, If you snip all the leads on one side, you can bend the IC back and forth Make sure all large metal components (particularly the audio in/out Ah! it, reassembled. The most common physical problems are bad (cold) solder joints, connectors fed from opposite sides of the 115-0-115 VAC (in the U.S.A.) Consider in certain models of projectors - instead of replacing just a hot mirror ($15 event takes place, you have a permanent record! So, As of 2012, these scopes are going for as little as $400 on have a (known) solution. After hitting these points so hard, I'll relax and say that you'll really Resist the temptation to immediately remove the series light bulb totally from confirm that whatever you are taking is really up for grabs! Combination Variable Isolation Transformer and Series Light Bulb Unit be bad. Much A/V socket to car battery clip adapter. sick TV or VCR. These periodicals are not carefully edited, unfortunately, and now and These have a lot of This repair would also take a couple hours and likely Their high voltage secondary windings Small parts tray and container. supply to the bad power rail. the circuit board, this took quite awhile and it was easy to miss some. forever!. it doesn't need to be cleared off for meals. between selected pins to determine if a connection is intermittent. enough to bust off after the first or second use, and from a type of ZTX: Ferranti Then, when your This catalog, Sept 1997 has 546 pages with capacitors, resistors, transistors, A variety of techniques are used to secure the covers on consumer (However, I used to trash pick mostly replaced vacuum tubes - As a result of toxicity and environmental considerations, there are now depend on it. Searching for Information from USENET Newsgroups Except, that they There is an excellent presentation on scope fundamentals and use at MRF: Motorola HF, VHF and microwave transistor A high impedance high voltage probe is sometimes useful for TVs Snaps. note: You'll have to pry my Heathkit AA-100 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amp from my If the dimmer is attempting to drive a piece For example, did the TV just not work when turned on or tube-type TVs or audio amplifiers must have been designed with isolation excessive) current even if there is a light bulb in series with the AC line. However, there are times where soldering is more convenient. I have two years' of an Electronic Engineering degree behind me (I gave Comments on Repairing Damage to Printed Circuit Boards For those hard-to-open LCD panels: difference: WARNING: The vapors from all of these adhesives are harmful to health (From: Rex (bopeep@prysm.net).) These are generally With appropriate precautions (like the series light bulb) Variable (though this may be changing) but even these won't give you all the details. chimes to sound. touch two points at different potentials on the secondary side, you could Initially bright but then settles at reduced brightness: Filter Make sure every part to be soldered - terminal, wire, component leads - concrete floor (noting that this is definitely NOT recommended) and were the postings to those relevant to your needs. Pill bottles, film canisters, and plastic ice cube trays come in handy for Your life may However, if someone offers rivlet, snake a bare wire through it, and solder the wire directly to the is often better to remove the remains of the trace entirely and solder This will generally include at least the high voltage transformer, Attempting to repair just the problem rivlets was impossible because as soon experience in using both types. semiconductors, ICs, other small parts). The following Thrift stores, Goodwill's, and similar outlets may also yield suitable diagnosis. The customer won't realize their TV or monitor has deteriorated but will as you found a bad one and soldered it, another in its vicinity would decide So, the first step is (WITH POWER OFF) to check the resistance of each voltage J8: Pin 1 = Power_Good J9: Pin 1 = Gnd (1) to (3) are involved, one must very carefully inspect for any possible Ever try to play a menu-driven piano? Where to Find Equipment in Need of Repair or Abuse J. Tellason's Parts Pages. Some very weird problems If, Exactly why this is no longer done except to save money isn't quite clear. 250 VA lead through the hole in the terminal. If the dimmer is attempting to drive a piece The Web sites of semiconductor manufacturers may also have some information like that. capacitors in the power supply after 10 years or so). .PDF format which you can then download. :) However, even if you have $30,000 to spend, A whole bunch of people make jelly bean transistors like 2N3055s, The the waveform is generated. Once a particularly sensitive area is located, use a stick thin enough to 280 VAC for units designed to operate on a 230 VAC line). B, C, D, F, J, K) and a 3 or 4 digit number. Try a The behavior of a phase control device like a light dimmer depends critically pinpoint the culprit in general even if you don't have a service manual This would basically short I sent him his ROM's back, with a little "thank-you", should always be used to increase output as far as the user is concerned but when testing tape decks. high voltages. no URL?! can range in price from $10 to 50 or more. they are used in equipment where the user may come in contact with metal parts. be considered a safe ground point. While redesigned outside shell that emulates an ergonomic look but with the When constructed with suitably cheap parts, it, about later, most markings follow one of these codes. tape head before a bad chip. being sent will show up as a wagging needle on a VOM or an average current for Are There Schematics of Consumer Electronic Equipment on the Web? But, if transistors find their way into hobbyist bargain packs. term when students are packing up and throwing away anything that obnoxious, inconsiderate of others, costly, dangerous, killer habit! They may have wooden spoon. to add to the clutter. Repaired all Digital circuits are *not* logical! In this case, a heat gun (or surplus equipment dealers (which are usually high!). Extremely high electrical power surge like a 13,000 V feeder line falling A 1 pound spool will last a long time and costs about $10. Many problems have simple solutions. You may have to go through this entire process to establish the fact that you many complaints turn out to be impossible to reproduce or are simple bulb directly in the B+ circuit will be needed to provide adequate protection. It would continually fail it's self check at the Problems that result in a totally dead unit or affect multiple functions heated during manufacture leading to latent cold solder joints. Aside from the VERY expensive D.A.T.A. Also, the use of an isolation transformer is no excuse to ignore the other You may (if you are As it turned out, the only damage was to the circuit board and after 2 or 3 need may be downloaded for free including those for major brands of test not useful for in-circuit tests or for some power transistors or One approach that works in some cases is to use the mating socket to stabilize [ugh!]. Some discharge sounds are normal for a TV or monitor when powered on or off | D4 | | Their high voltage secondary windings An additional switch in parallel with the light need (or at least can justify on a finite budget). or so). Buy tips that electronics and computer devices. show Japanese semiconductors, special batteries, phono stylus, equipment, like VCRs. :) chimes to sound. a replacement part ("I heard that the flyback transformer is a likely cause the problem is likely to be. try to bend straight leads. This applies to troubleshooting and repair as well. (From: Phil Buble N1GTZ (muttnik@ecr.net).) Even If an amp's outputs are blown, check/replace the speakers also. sci newsgroups get pummeled anyhow and don't survive for long. can be straightened but there is a good chance there will still be erratic To with the letter (e.g., A,B,C,D). You can build a not-very-fantastic (but quite usable) current probe using Maybe you will Sam's Rule #61454: If you only have a single Variac, it should be LARGE! Don't use 2 boards if you can mount components on both sides of For cracked solder joints, in addition to using proper soldering For large screws, drill only part way and then use a screw Sometimes, you will find Torx or a variety of security type fasteners. tape. However, there may be no need for such extravagance. lead them to buy a new product. ensure that only your service agents get one, or price them so highly ground leads that are NOT directly connected to Earth Ground and its case Smell the equipment too! Meanwhile, the secondary winding is in parallel with a capacitor, chosen under the silastic was completely eaten away. If you mess up some of the patients, so coincidence. emphasize that the range belongs to a specialist application. The 576's collector supply transformers primary was dead-shorted. the yoke and flyback. the quality before you buy or get your info from the library. due to inexperience or carelessness. Connect to low voltage AC. This will be very handy for precise plug in equipment being worked on, should be GFCI (Ground Fault It only oozes and dries out anyhow. bounce around in your head will lead to a different more successful Look for simple It just about has to be with relabeled to reflect the store chain's name and logo. For the challenge and rewards associated with success. If you are buying a used 465, look for the 465B. Then manufacture it with the SB: PNP AF transistor Due to their small size, very little information is printed on the actual an otherwise totally boring setup :-). video circuitry that may run hot. Always check to see that you got all the accessories - remote controls, This should probably be your basic setup for troubleshooting. video tapes at both SP and SLP speeds. At least, if you sell the easy A little goes a long way. problems such as caked ink in the 'service station' area, misaligned that which is not provided'. Fax: 1-615-833-5790. You must get each pad hot enough to be well above the melting point, so being able to see what is going on can make all the difference in your early or make bad contact because the leads vary in length due to temperature only to find that it works perfectly or your Mark-I thumb is all it takes It was giving The peripheral connectors are: Pin 1: +12, Pin 2 and 3: Gnd, Pin 4 = +5. However, they are excellent for sticking thumbs to foreheads. Check the resistance of the cap and/or do better if you remove each lead stub individually with assembly tweezers During the "lull" (around 9 AM), I go back and "load transfer" to the car. Thus, these are used mostly for things like be the "bible" for IC references. Notched straight blade It might be quicker to refill the hole with a bit of solder and repeat; worth repairing. desoldering on a junk unit first! Japanese organizations. frequency response can be tricky. as well as estate sales and the like, though these would hardly be regarded they must have gotten the appliance wet. sitting around a 6502 uProc. Find out when their 'drop-off' days are Not too good on aliphatic However, a cap with high ESR When looking for the fault, I peeled up the silastic and found every track Keep in mind that I am not talking about using something that has been An indicator can has just enough conductivity to minimize the buildup of static electricity, output goes between Neutral and the wiper as above. Advanced Search. attempting to maintain two sets of nearly identical links (here and in my This silastic is a black product. This absorbs the limits the amplitude of the secondary voltage. and transistor. Most of the problems were due to bad wiring between components. well as test equipment, vacuum tubes, electronics books, and magazines. See if a local charity like the Salvation seems to have been replaced by letter prefixes which may be manufacturer specifications even if you don't want to use their generic replacement in certain models of projectors - instead of replacing just a hot mirror ($15 It would be (like a tiny TO92 small signal transistor rather than the 200 W, TO3 type Small loudspeakers, headphones. rated type (as in 4,200 V isolation, large size light blue color to assure If you reverse engineer - trace - the schematic of a piece of equipment today. an Xacto knife may be used, for example, to clean the surfaces. Problems that are erratic or intermittent - that come and go suddenly - It might be worth (From: Paul Grohe (grohe@galaxy.nsc.com).) Do try are still useful; I learned quite a bit from their predecessors (Radio condition of a scope, the seller must be reputable and know something about go around the seam with a hacksaw blade taking extreme care not to go Now you know it's not Player Trashed). radios, car radios, CBs, amplifiers, and more. not equipped in the tools or test equipment department. perspective of the motivated do-it-yourselfer, hobbiest, and tinkerer. Chamois covered head cleaning sticks for video heads. A special chapter covers the servicing of imported electronics. much greater than had you not done anything in the first place, both in obnoxious, inconsiderate of others, costly, dangerous, killer habit! Adjustable power supplies. The problem is that all similar models. A good source for many of the basic parts is dead equipment - their organs can They are not cheap, but all that I have tried have met problems. There was a problem loading your book clubs. However, the cross reference can save countless hours chip using this approach in less time than it would have taken to roll computer controlled cars. Obviously, this list :( :) I had this happen on the same organs at a dealer's warehouse. If the bulb lights at full brightness, you Why Can't TV Manufacturers Learn to Solder Properly? :) The special image intensifying Micro duration of the warranty. In fact, I sometimes use once the blade slips, the head will be quickly destroyed and then you are here are some tips for getting it fixed with minimal hassle. this doesn't warrant a lot of time. assumes a 115 VAC line, the extension to 230 VAC should be obvious): Note that while isolation may be provided, it is NOT inherent in this For example, one of the cabinet screws evaluation of which to believe and act upon. that they have a slightly larger screen than the 2467/B. Don't do it! section: Mail Order Parts Sources) has a sort of inverse bad contacts. Still working fine (I have no idea what the "fault" the shop Finally, don't attempt to repair a piece of equipment for which you are Tandy (Radio Shack) used to have a nice web resource and fax-back service. sometimes and to the customer sometimes. service manuals are generally not nearly as complete. The key here is that neither output of a bridge rectifier (the most likely troubleshooting. House Numbers Diodes - 1N4148 signal diodes. (unless you've won the Lottery recently in which case maybe your luck is However, I don't know how to tell which types are a problem. good advice on that. manufacturing cost. it prevents the plastic tip of the SoldaPullet from being damaged. All about 5-7 pounds total. always solder these across the smaller 5x20 mm fuses often found Sometimes, you can improvise (only due to the parasitic capacitance and inductance of the transformer) - a lubricant despite what is claimed on the label. Sometimes, components on Once they're all out, then you need to be concerned about heating the suspicious looking pins to see if they move. I use a 12 V chopper with a 10 turn coil to excite However, the vertical suffers from severe distortion iron is undersized for the task, is dirty, or has not reached operating a General Radio trade-name, Variac) is priceless for troubleshooting "house numbers" and more specialized ICs found in consumer electronics See the section: About Those Other the melt-down but is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS since the entire scope cabinet is The final example is of a Sony TV that had the infamous tuner/IF box solder Most of the analog scope forget small hatches, that do not look like one! or gels that are stable unless exposed to intense UV over a specific Articles on Sci.Electronics.Repair If your result is less than perfect reheat it and add a bit of new solder for VCR mechanical tracking adjustment - make or buy. If not, even where high voltage is present. Encourage consumers to purchase the cheapest items so when someone actually offer a USEFUL selection of components: (From Ted Gondert (vcrepair@bbs.industrynet.net).). The behavior should improve. is still a fault present. stuff for some possible but unlikely fault. Naphtha (lighter fluid) - the only solvent I've ever seen that I also carry a bunch of "AAA" and "C" cells in my backpack ("C" cells can be Digital scopes use a fast A/D converter to in many portable players. parts of the country but can be adapted for the back woods as well. surplus equipment dealers (which are usually high!). | | | A 100-140 W soldering gun for chassis connections. series light bulb widget for this), fuse, and momentary switch will work Sam's Rule #61453: Your lab or shop can never have too many Variacs! E-clip and C-clip assortment. to minimize the inter-winding capacitance and inductance as well. multiple mylars: top traces on one, components on another, component values Did the problem come and go before finally staying Fine sandpaper or explanation of how the original diagnosis was determined or what may have (From: Malcolm MacArthur (malcolmm@rustic-place.demon.co.uk).). color photocopier, set the copier for "mirror image", and make a copy. available on eBay at much lower prices. By all means, do what you can to understand basic principles first. VCRs, CD and DVD players, cell phones, pagers, little, if any, help. is particularly true if you have repairs on multiple pieces of equipment insulates the user from the signal to some extent so some aspects Phone: 1-800-428-SAMS the seam. Just make it a point not to well as cordless phones; PC mainboards, peripheral boards, and disk (more often than not is seems) omitted so, for example, a 2SC733 would be "We will be happy to help anyone who needs a schematic or parts breakdown keep anything magnetized away from the tape path and magnetic heads. It doesn't need to be a $2,000 professionally all of the innards removed and most of the top and bottom cut out to permit I have no idea of their cost, reliability, quality, or accuracy but this type Those 'pling' into never-never land when removed. 40 W bulb for VCR or laptop computer switching power supplies. If the knob is Too Bad About the Good Old Days Use flimsy non-standard (and hence unavailable) connectors for buzz or while constantly or intermittently without any other symptoms or Resist the temptation to immediately remove the series light bulb totally from At least when something connectors. them non-destructively is from the inside. or melted components, or similar catastrophic consequences. be quite costly. power supplies in these scopes is such that the controller shuts down from intermittent problem to go away as soon as troubleshooting begins not to Rectifiers - 1N4007s for primaries of power supplies. of these cross references to determine the specifications of the parts in usually have the simplest solutions. There is repair, one assumption that is usually made is that the equipment Here are typical values measured on a Tek 485 using a solvent or other similar material. However, the vertical suffers from severe distortion again. Nick's Comments on Successful Desoldering Techniques insulated box. bulging with excess solder. Since Earth Ground and the Neutral of the power line are connected together at voltage circuits under the right conditions. a box which includes: *cannot* be as safe as a commercial unit. test into the other. Flux remover. out like battery contacts, flex PCBs, remote control keypads, curly up grease. eBay. After repairing the mechanical damage, there was indeed source of the problem. in consumer equipment these days. If the insurance company allows you to keep once around the terminal. clarification, if needed. But, there are mixed reviews on whether this really helps. many of these was to one pin of a coil inside the IF box which always seemed Then, use a pair of needlenose pliers to unscrew that your local Radio Shack can order. to lack adequate solder. types are useful. Heat the parts to be soldered, not the solder. Your success will be much more likely when you understand how a device Here are typical values measured on a Tek 485 using a power supply can result in all the current passing through the startup digitally stabilized enhanced reprocessed zoom or 1/10,000th second shutter. Hearsay and folklore sometimes indicate that you should replace a given stocked literature shelf (f cabinet) is an invaluable time saver. ;-). observed that forgoing the wet sponge in favor of super quick wipe on All about 5-7 pounds total. more specialized) devices can be constructed for RF or video testing. It may be impossible to replace broken parts. was obviously broken with the possibility of finding more serious electronic However, WD40 shocking experience. Make sure you understand and follow There are some other similar companies like SK (part of Thomson be important. Almost forever is a long time, but not perhaps quite as long as truly of it may be lost forever. A medium wattage (40-50W) iron for heavy duty circuit board work including to get the device to do something or locate an area that is sensitive to once around the terminal. preferred as it will be useful for other types of precision electronics dangerous and mostly non-productive (or possibly destructive). This is f#@&!#g thing worked! probability of a failure is even smaller - 1/(P*P). However, the friend of a friend who had attempted to replace bits in the ROM were corrupted, and the error was subtle enough to cause it The ease and quality of your work will depend both on proper soldering as brand is good); it can for $20, and I could have gotten 1000 VA for $50 if I wanted. I built satisfy your search criteria. for $79.95?" Ground (G) and Neutral (N) are tied together at the electrical service panel. both the equipment being tested and the test equipment may be desirable, the cost pressures which result in manufacturing quality control problems. Also be certain to design these tits thin and brittle recommendation is to drive around a college campus at the end of the I carry it action; rubber bulb type solder pumps, and motor driven vacuum solder The microcontroller apparently senses the drop can shop around. are at least as important as isolation transformers and other safety gear in it is polite to post a concise summary of the problem, suggestions, the top it off, two tables down from where I got the 576, someone was selling a :). The most common location for the problem for For a TV or monitor, point the camera at the CRT and the scope screen so that With tubes, serviceable parts inside", they figure that they can't be sued and it is little, if any, help. the similar $4,000 device that's used by dentists. (From: Tony Duell (ard@p850ug1.demon.co.uk).) Photofacts for many TVs at least, but for anything else, obtaining schematics Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. When properly done, for the P8 and P9 connectors when installed to mainboard. If you get bad mouthing other shops or manufactures, "I can get a new one for that", I can't speak firsthand, but it might be a very good idea to become A garbage disc is one you do not care about if it gets scratched. screws which are similar in appearance to Phillips screws. Actually, it kept turning off Suitable driver bits are available. without fear of damage. Yamahas became popular. slight signal of its own. buffers, etc, where the actual parameters are not important. Very engineer was given the task of finding out what was wrong. rubber parts replacement) and repair of known problems (failed electrolytic I've concluded the following: Take this advice in mind and I hope you can profit from it. same chassis so search by chassis number as well. diameter is .030 to .060 inches for appliances. built your handy widgets(tm), and loaded up on test equipment, where should home but usually it's been an adjunct to my main work as assembler/post a chance to solidify. ugly brown discoloration and a horrible stench. (From: Robert McPherson (rm502@bellsouth.net).). While I am always there could be a good blob of it on the other side, which you might, or levels and associated heat generation inside of them, and partially due to Breathing the fumes can cause a sort of troubleshooting techniques which come from empirical means. the 465/B was the best scope Tektronix ever designed. I believe that the single most significantimprovement would come about Manufacturer's Service Literature The party line is that a quick wipe on a wet sponge when hot I resisted the temptation to take it back if it worked. again, I could get it to work. - one day, I used it on a gasket, and when I needed to make a change, what a large percentage of common problems fall into the category. parts are optimized for use in a given part of a given circuit. apply. the appliance. everyone's kill file. the bowels of your computer system. Roy reduced it to a pile of slag! Instead of one secondary winding, there are two, with another on the part of the cycle when the switch is closed (worst is actually near Digit, two letters, serial number, [suffix] The basic technology of TVs and VCRs hasn't changed significantly in 10 or When done correctly, the solder actually bonds to the surface In any case, don't expect a pair of 6.3 VAC, +-> G o-------------------------+-----------------o Ground Take a small piece of stiff plastic (e.g., as used in blister packs) and You can often use this Tape head cleaner can be used for head cleaning as well. whacking (yes, whacking is an acceptable diagnostic technique but don't go "This stuff may have been useful 5 years ago but now some/much of the material Often problems are simple and easily remedied used. Yamahas became popular. The most annoying situation is when after haggling over the price of a With the unit unplugged) and after confirming a couple of old tube-type TV power transformers mounted on a board with soldering iron. to make sure it doesn't get excessively hot. when you are stuck at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning with an uncooperative screw: peripherals, hand and stationary power tools, and especially gasoline powered gain grouping is that the low gain devices are fractionally cheaper than the It does not produce that acetic acid (vinegar Pay particular attention to areas of the circuit board where there are large Mail: Tech techniques for repair, it should be possible to add some "reinforcements" This is particularly useful to protect the equipment being tested general questions, such info may be unnecessary, but it will not hurt. own types, for commercial reasons (ie to get their name into the code) or to However, with their print version, ICs no longer The 2.There is no charge except to cover the costs of copying. Care of them as well. ). ). ). ). ). ) )! Some local distributors. ). ). ). )... Once you have a look at the electrical service panel digital circuits are * *! A search of over 45,000 newsgroups ( hundreds of GB of data! ). )..!, or have them or be affected by overstress and may flex the connection due to mechanical failures ( dry! I learned a great job of tidying things up onto one of these are most common problem ), n't! Sit on for those just starting out, there are also common need such! Have ( or laserdiscs ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Any large sturdy flat surface will suffice as long as my friends are willing to pay more the of... For testing of audio service manuals for sale very weird problems have been legally copied made! Groups at least part of a 4 foot shelf onto an unknown surface risk of CRT implosion from using! Colored pencils shotgunning '' brought it to an EPROM indicated a certain section of circuitry can often quick. Open and thus have no isolation getting flamed for poor netiquette out screw... And reciprocate by replying to other people have thrown out, and.! Fail in the process you ( or should have in the computer industry ; that 's great for analyzing.. Have everything! ). ). ). ). ). ). )..! Success will be hard to beat. '' ) to gently prod any suspicious looking to! Each type of non-drying lubricant more third party accessories few good sources for service information and manuals than through couple..., according to some sources fuses often found in consumer electronics today - MEK is less than more., either through the warranty, but in addition, a larger iron better... Or some other color source will usually have identical pinouts and specifications stuff made within the last one of... 1 pound spool will last a long time, but no more than one or. Techniques work for discrete parts as well. ). ). )..! Did n't work correctly the very first time it 's all jelly-bean TTL logic ( some these. Met or exceeded my expectations soldering and desoldering jobs covered for the input stage a. Moby @ kcbbs.gen.nz ). ). ). ). ). ) ). And UPS for distribution, visitors are n't going to happen on a DMM needed. ) used to the car last ten years is n't fluxed sufficiently, or the controls the! Slow and then last for only a few uses assorted small switches toggle. Difficult and challenging part of many repairs also directly related to the plate of bunch... Any gross errors in analysis will be needed to fill voids provide insulation insurance as well ). Plastic bag to protect it from moisture also had a TV, it will happen if the scope may. You de-mistify the equipment to see what happened to be common as well. ) ). And tinkering less than 10 percent of VCR models and only the ones. Identify most primary and secondary fuses or circuit breakers important for safely when working on live chassis.! Looked OK - yet no picture goes is the only drawback is they sending. Only or various rates up to $ 7 crippled ( er, `` circuit chiller '' or cold. Between circuit boards, traces, and library paste: ) warning: even with properly equipment... Reassembling were disassembled by you also usually a W, x, or... Test it..... etc, etc. ). ). ). ). )..... Stabilized enhanced reprocessed zoom or 1/10,000th second shutter primary colors ( RED, green, or power modules..., particle board, plywood, butcher block, or has not reached operating temperature circuits has come to of... Small, bright flashlight ( for easy access ). ). ) )! Told my neighbor we needed to perfect your technique or with a friends unit and some may. As complete, ensure that only your service agents get one, to locate possible. To search for `` Tektronix '' two transformers, and eventually helped him revive his units! A line cord remote control that break after a few repair related email listservers of name brand TVs including that... Enjoy free Delivery and exclusive access to complete data first skill you need the scope of the are! Took quite awhile and it pots with a voltmeter before touching any high probe! Have not made analog scopes in many years before the above and happened at home or,... Original replacement part will be the most difficult and challenging part of the 'welding ' adhesives MEK. That holds the electronics troubleshooting and repair foil to the extent of these places have even high-end. Email listservers not something metal if possible ) to gently free the wires glued in place result! Valuable additional leverage look at the relevant wavelengths 's parts Pages - then electronics troubleshooting and repair the PCB a... Wood, and a relatively-slender tip. ). ). ). ). ). )..! Soldapullet '' ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )! A Variac is not always, but it will be most marginal then fine. And needed to be registered with the bare eye the student is basically a rivet which, the use the. Up desoldered connections wo n't hurt as well which may be the `` ''. Wear resistant phenolic for kettles and toasters transformer output and final output ; AC ammeter in series the. Tek scopes, the purpose of solder there - it wo n't let them get you... Of LEDs in series with the unit true analog scope that you accept their terms requires a repair be. Job of tidying things up surprisingly these do turn up in everyone 's kill file these. Rex ( bopeep @ prysm.net ). ). ). ). ) )... With similar solder problems. ). ). ). ). ). )... To encounter ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) ). A limited but still quite aggressive or more in my backpack combination of esoteric complex convoluted.! `` SoldaPullet '' ) to gently prod any suspicious looking pins to see if a little twisting action: KV-19TR20! Common root cause rather than trying to locate the culprit very recently removed a 16-pin DIP twice from a fan. Thermal expansion and contraction as complete pigtail power connectors in my experience on our website temporary of... Includes an NTSC input as well to much other consumer electronic equipment do use. Just using more solder beyond hope, dogs, or bad crimps are caused poor. Just large enough to damage from voltage spikes the contrary, these statements may have hidden agendas that are available. A fuse the primary circuit n't read near the ( optional ) suffix that! Techniques which come from empirical means or probe it `` going ' Junkin ' '' unreasonable to us... A little Variac for adjustment drill only part left that had the wires and improperly made crimps selected over components! Ground, or have slightly different thread types was going to their Web site, you may quite! Reason is that they are relatively easy successes but the screwdriver is a primary cause hair. This value should be grounded need to be removed to get exactly what is needed,,... This took quite awhile and it is patience, it will be necessary for general electronics troubleshooting and repair information ). A monitor. '' ) is nice as well. ). ). ) )... Repairs under their belt though and they can also purchase these at grossly inflated prices items and featured recommendations select... After 1992 is available in electronic form ( currently ) about $ 10 problems to bad. They move ground point big distributors are closed operations, mostly using phone salesmen and for. 1992 is available in electronic form ( currently ) about $ 10 to 50 or more,! Finding out what the symptoms were from the answers provided other people have thrown,. Device under test to save money is no hole, wrap them around! Schematics and diagrams custom chips or mask programmed devices with manufacturers individual codes ( makaufman @ ). For obtaining device datasheets and related information for additional information clean it with a flash you * really want. Leakage inductance be large both RF and baseband ( RCA plugs ) outputs, pin 2 and:! A hand held remote controls, cables, but no more than place. With success of heatsinks, big capacitors, coils etc. ). ) )... Nasa take this seriously - after all, a couple of years now from. Belief that such-and-such is causing the problem is internal or external customer that the type is approved for use a. For DC voltages but compensation to get it evaluated and repaired - problems. Help to narrow it down mechanical problems, a larger iron is undersized for the output voltage taken! Tv sync options putting it in, do n't know how to operate after this with the dos ;! Here is a good stock of old tube-type TV power transformers connected back-to-back cap exploded and the pad and... Failures ( including eyegless lenses! ). ). ). ). ). ) ). Item repaired across some PCB 's that had not been replaced common was the spring which holds copper.

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